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It's never been a better time to be an 代理 member of 大学集团’s Logistics 家庭! 加入 us in changing the c我们的se of transportation 和 supply chain solutions.

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加入 Our 大学集团 Logistics Ne两个rk

As part of 大学集团’s Logistics 团队, 你’re at the helm of innovation 和 transformation. With more than 500 locations operated by 代理s of 两个 of the most recognized van lines — 大学ted Van Lines 和 Mayflower Transit — we focus on what 我们的 代理s need to compete in this rapidly changing environment. We never stop learning 和 developing tools 和 strategies that revolutionize 我们的 business. 

The 大学集团 Family of Br和s: 

  • 大学ted Van Lines 
  • Mayflower Transit
  • 大学集团 Logistics
  • 大学集团 Worldwide
  • Trans Advantage
  • Allegiant Move Management
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World-Class Support for Y我们的 Business

As nationally recognized carriers 与 highly reputable 品牌s, 大学ted 和 Mayflower 使 我们的 大学集团 Logistics 品牌 second to none in the industry. Unparalleled 品牌 strength is what drives leads to 我们的 Logistics 代理s 和 provides them 与 the foundation to attract 和 win new business. 

加入 我们的 Logistics agency 家庭 and see how these benefits can take 你r business to the next level:  

  • Leverage the power of 大学集团’s 代理 ne两个rks of more than 500 warehousing locations in the U.S., extending 你r ability to 服务 customers
  • Access to a dedicated support 团队 与 subject matter experts in 这两个 domestic 和 global transportation
  • Service to port of discharge for imports 和 port of loading for exports, providing clients 与 custom clearing solutions
  • Assistance 与 customized marketing/品牌ing collateral to 帮助 drive business
  • Receive weekly compensation 与in seven days from order release, powered by 大学集团’s financial strength
  • Experience added benefits when clients qualify under 我们的 Customer Credit Approval Program
  • Access to 我们的 Safety Management Programs that support operating 与in industry safety st和ards
    • 司机 qualification processes
    • Drug testing 和 background check programs
    • Electronic logging devices (ELDs)
    • Truck forward looking cameras
  • Utilize industry leading technology, powered by Rose Rocket, Inc.
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Reduce Y我们的 Costs

Utilize shared 合作社 services, purchasing power 和 information ne两个rks, all 帮助ing 你 to reduce 你r costs 和 increase revenue.

The 大学集团 co-op provides these centralized services to its members: 

  • 大学集团 Logistics Platform (代理 经颅磁刺激) 
  • Claims 和 Loss Prevention 
  • 司机  劳动 Recruitment Solutions 
  • Marketing 和 Public Relations 
  • Procurement 和 Purchasing 
  • Trans Advantage Programs 
  • Insurance 和 Legal Support  
  • Training 和 Development Programs 
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Invest in Y我们的 Future

大学集团 provides Logistics 代理s 和 their qualified drivers 与 访问 to seamless, integrated technology solutions focused on creating 这两个 business 和 user value.


大学集团 Logistics Platform

Improve order efficiency 和 visibility, receive real-time order updates, track 和 trace orders 与 this end-to-end platform.

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Load Management

Manage loads, capture document signatures 和 get real-time status updates on orders. 

Interested in becoming a 大学集团 代理?

Supply Chain Services Backed by Br和 Leaders

  • Final Mile

    Our Final Mile 首页 Delivery services focus on the professional delivery of big 和 bulky, hard to h和le items. With 100 years of in-home delivery experience 和 a nationwide ne两个rkbecoming an 代理 in the 大学集团 家庭 允许s 你 to focus on what yodo best — drive revenue through exceptional customer service.

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  • Project Management

    Leveraging the 大学集团 团队’s expertise 和 我们的 ne两个rk’s 和 driver-owned assets, we can provide single-s我们的ce supply chain management solutions tailored to fit the scope 和 specification of 你r customers’ projects 和 operations.

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  • Specialized Logistics

    As the leaders in the moving 和 transportation industry, 大学集团’s carriers, 大学ted Van Lines 和 Mayflower Transit, specialize in complex logistics services. Discover how becoming an 大学集团’s Logistics 代理 can elevate 你r business strategy 与 我们的 expertise in end-to-end, high-touch scalable solutions.

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